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The Department of Labor's
Economy at a Glance also
provides back data.

The Chart on the right give
you information on the following

  • U.S. Unemployment
  • Overall US PPI Growth
  • US Mfg Prodctvty Grwth
  • USD Real GDP Chg
  • Core US CPI Rate Chg - Mo
  • Overall US CPI Rate Chg
  • Core US CPI Rate Chg - Yr
  • Overall US CPI Rate Chg - Mo
  • Core US PCE Index Chg - Yr
  • Core US PCE Index Chg-Yr,
  • Non-Farm Payroll-Mo Chg, Dec  

The Consumer Price Indexes
(CPI) program produces
monthly data on changes in
the prices paid by urban
consumers for a
representative basket of goods
and services.

Personal Consumption
Expenditure (PCE)
Comprehensive measure of
how much consumers spend.
Counting expenditures on
durable goods, consumer
products, and services.

Personal Consumption is a
comprehensive measure of
GDP; consequently the figure
is watched as an indicator for
economic trends. Spending
also has direct affect on
inflationary pressures.  

A healthy Personal Spending
figure means that consumers
are buying goods and
services, fueling the economy
and spurring output growth.
The report is particularly
valued for forecasting
inflationary pressures. Taken
in excess these high levels of
consumption and production
may lead to an overall
increase in prices. Indeed, the
Fed uses a measure of
inflation derived from the PCE
as their primary gauge of

On the other hand, persistently
low Personal Spending may
result in decreasing levels of
output and an economic
downturn. -