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More foreclosures of lots, land and construction projects may show that developers are walking away from development projects. In the second-half of 2009,
the lenders’ inventories of foreclosed lots and construction properties exceeded the levels of residential 1-4 units in dollar amount.

While the expected rise in commercial property REO’s is rising steadily, it remains in 3rd place amongst held inventory nationally.  The trend line for commercial
is grow faster than residential so many are preparing to target commercial lenders for listings and referrals in 2010.

Lane Guide is adding more commercial loan centers and REO/Asset Manager contacts in our database in expectation of this trend.  As of today, we now have
384 commercial REO contacts nationwide.

Lane Guide adds 420 new REO/Asset Manager contacts in the past two months.


*as of 1/25/10

Are you using Lane Guide for fresh contacts in the industry?  We are adding more regional and smaller lenders to our database weekly.  According to Melanie
Mabrey, Lane Guide Editor, “we are adding a contact point for every lender which has $5 million or more in REO inventory.  We expect to have well over 1,000
contacts in the next 3o days.”  By far, Lane Guide now has the most complete reference to the REO industry contacts – for all lenders large and small.

If you haven’t logged on to Lane Guide lately, you really need to.  Both the Online and CD-ROM versions have new data with many more contacts, especially in
those leading foreclosure states like California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, Florida and Michigan.   If you haven’t logged on to Lane Guide in the past 30
days, you are missing hundreds of new asset management contacts.


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The leading lender and banking directory since 1957, the Lane Guide has been widely used by the industry to locate information concerning payoffs, demands,
verifications, returned check disposition, loss mitigation, Bank REO (Real Estate Owned) lender asset management contacts, locate foreclosure trustees,
complete bank/lender merger history, acquisition references, missing assignments, mortgage discharges and other types of financial information.  The Lane
Guide lists over 140,000 open and closed lenders, creditors, banks and asset managers nationwide.

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The Lane Guide offers a complete reference on all banks, savings banks, finance companies, mortgage lenders, loan servicers, credit unions and other major
creditors. With the Guide, you get instant access to loan service centers, main offices, loan departments, specialized departments and branch offices.

Our listings include complete mailing address, phone and fax numbers, toll-free information lines, credit rating policies, bureaus reported to, rating hours and
more. We maintain cross-references on all closed institutions so you can locate the current location of loan records. All this information is available in regional
print editions or nationwide on CD-ROM and Internet. Each printed edition includes lenders nationwide which lend or service in that region.

Only Lane Guide uses
LenderTrace™, the largest and most extensive closed lender database in the industry, built upon our nearly 50 years of service and
thousands of hours of industry research.  We also maintain the United States Master File of Closed Lenders, which indexes over 36,000 lender names

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There is no doubt that every aspect of the real estate industry is somehow surviving on REO’s and foreclosures.  From title
companies expanding into foreclosure servicing, to real estate brokers specializing in REO’s, what was once a niche-only market is
now the mainstay.  REO’s now lead the marketing efforts of most industry professionals.

Lane Guide has created an index based upon OREO inventories from lenders nationwide and created a national index called “
REO Index
”.  For reference, just about the time of the AIG bailout and TARP (3rd Quarter of 2008) the index was at 100.  Today,
the index stands a 164.5.

Lane REO Index stands at 164.5 (Up over 50 points in 2009)

The Index shows quarterly reporting and breaks-down the sectors by property zoning types.  There is also a pie-chart which shows
the percentages of property types held in REO asset inventory for the current reporting quarter.  

In 2009, Undeveloped Land and Construction Projects Overtake Residential Property